Call for Participants: Intending Parents Study

Are you planning to have children within the next year?

Research participants needed in Adelaide

Researchers at Flinders University are currently undertaking a project focusing on the desires and motivations of heterosexual couples who are planning to have children.

We are looking for participants who fit the following criteria: 

  • Heterosexual couples (married or de facto) planning for their first child
  • Australian citizens living in Adelaide
  • No history of infertility or pregnancy loss

What does participation involve?

Participants will be involved in four interviews about their experiences of wanting and having a child. These will occur 1) at the point in which the couple are attempting to become pregnant, 2) during the pregnancy, 3) 6 months after the child is born, and 4) 18 months after the child is born. The sharing of experiences related to planning for and having a child is intended to be enjoyable for participants.Members of each couple will be interviewed separately at each stage of the research. Interviews will take place at a location convenient to participants.

Further information:

Please contact Dr Damien Riggs via email (preferred): or phone: (08) 8201 2786.

The research has been approved by the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee (Project Number 6694).

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