New papers added to the publications section of the website.


We have compiled a brief second report outlining all that we have achieved at the end of the third year of the project. Report available here.


The Advertiser ran a story on our first time parents study, focused on parenting-related generational differences between daughters and their mothers.


We have put together a report outlining the first two years of our first time parents study. The report is available here.


The Advertiser ran a story on our first time parents study, focused on societal expectations placed on women to have children.


Read our new blog post about pronatalism, our study, and Jennifer Aniston’s recent open letter.


New blog post on the pressure to have children, and the role that the expectations of others may play in fertility planning.


Read our second blog about the first time parents study, exploring how we interviewed men.


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A great feature in The Advertiser about the study, including an interview with a couple who are currently expecting a child.


Our first blog about the first time parents study is now available. We welcome comments and feedback from fellow researchers and potential participants.


We are still recruiting participants for our first study. Please visit the study page for full information.


Our first media coverage for the project: a piece in InDaily that focuses on what we are trying to achieve with the project and the possible implications of the findings.


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